Prices for tourist campers 2022

Preise sind inklusive Fremdenverkehrsabgabe, Wifi und Abfallentsorgung

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Children under 16 years Families with 3 or more CHILDREN receive a bonus of 10%5,50 €
Adult9,00 €
small camping bus /Car with a roof tent 5 m11,00 €
Caravan teams /Motorhome up to 7 m13,00 €
Caravan teams /Motorhome from 7 m15,00 €
Tent XL up to 30qm and car15,00 €
Tent M to 15qm and a car11,00 €
Additional tent on the stand5,00 €
Water and sewage at the place / K Platz4,00 €
Horse pasture including shelter 12,00 €
Dog ,only on red place3,00 €
Green electricity AC 16A current rate / night3,90 €
Holiday Home Zweisamkeit / excl. people 74,00 €
Hut Sternengucker 2 " /excl. people49,00 €
Hut " Sternengucker4 " / excl. people49,00 €
Motorhome space self-sufficient incl. personsParking space only on the red marked area in the site plan,without using sanitary facilities17,00 €
Reservation costs9,90 €
Pawn / Smart card cash20,00 €

additional costs:
Warm shower 6 minutes1,00 €

The following additional packages can be booked on site:
Wood for the campfire9,00 €
Hot Tube für 7 Personen halber Tag 35,00 €
Hot Tube für 7 Personen je Tag70,00 €
Sauna für 7 Personen halber Tag40,00 €
Sauna für 7 Personen je Tag80,00 €

General information about the prices

Of course you can also visit only for 1 night without reservation our campsite. There is no obligation to reserve. Without guarantee.

* All fees include 7% VAT.
  All costs per overnight accomodation if not stated differently.
  Prices include tourist tax and waste

You need 20€  in cash for the deposit of the chip card

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