Your little ones are very welcome with us. In addition to our playground, we have a wooden house, the nursery, which can be played extensively even in bad weather. Throughout the year we offer special children's fun programs with changing games and hands-on activities, such as making jam yourself, collecting mushrooms for adults and pony hikes in the forest! In addition, nature invites you to play, fun and voyages of discovery on and around our site. Build dams, throw stones, run barefoot, get bread by yourself in the morning, make bread on a stick at the campfire, gaze at the stars in the evening and and and ........ Your children can discover themselves, experience independence and just be for themselves or with other children (CHILD) ;-)


And you can let goand relax Pony walks in our forest!

Due to Corona we cannot yet say WHEN and HOW the pony hike can take place again.

Have you always wanted to play Yakari? Your children would like to ride a pony / horse? Then we have just the thing for you. A pony hike through our varied and beautiful forest. Appointments and registration will be arranged with us at the reception. Asks about ...... costs 9 € per child Limited places available Mostly on Saturdays at 11 a.m. How does this all work? Our group consists of a maximum of 4 children, each accompanied by one parent. The meeting point is always at the reception. From there we go together to the horse pasture, where we fetch, clean and saddle the horse. And off you go, on a journey through woods and meadows. The route consists of approx. 4 km, where max. 4 children take turns riding. The rest of the route can be experienced on foot with all your senses. Duration approx. 1.5 hours. Please wear sturdy shoes. Helmets are provided by us.

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