Welcome to the web site of Camp-Hammer!

Camp-Hammer is your camp ground of choice in the Eifel national park.

Our Philosophy
As a hosting camp ground of the Eifel national park we feel a special obligation to the park and its sourrounding region. We are strongly committed to aid in preserving this uniquely natural landscape for us and our children. Our guests shall be able to see the beauty of the landscape and feel nature with all their senses. We want our guests to feel comfortable at Camp-Hammer. Our consistent quality strategy conforms with the principles of the Viabono brand - in our establishment, we live the philosophy of strong ties to nature and home country. We proudly bear the brand of an official host in the Eifel national park.

No dogs allowed on the camping area.
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Camp Hammer · An der Streng 7 · D-52152 Simmerath / Hammer · Tel.: +49 (0) 2473 / 929041