A smiling welcome to Camp Hammer !

Camp-Hammer is your favorite place in the Eifel National Park.For daydreamers, stargazers, nature adventurers, relaxation finders & campfire lovers

Our Philosophy
As a hosting camp ground of the Eifel national park we feel a special obligation to the park and its sourrounding region. We are strongly committed to aid in preserving this uniquely natural landscape for us and our children. Our guests shall be able to see the beauty of the landscape and feel nature with all their senses. We want our guests to feel comfortable at Camp-Hammer. Our consistent quality strategy conforms with the principles of the Viabono brand - in our establishment, we live the philosophy of strong ties to nature and home country. We proudly bear the brand of an official host in the Eifel national park.

We are also very proud of being awarded the CO² certificate / footprint from Viabono GmbH, which we passed with flying colors! As you can see again ... whoever is on holiday with us at Camp-Hammer is not only doing something IN nature, but also FOR nature.

Camping means nature, and nature is loved by us!  We want to preserve the natural night sky and minimize light pollution, which is why all outside lamps were replaced in 2016. They are equipped with amber-colored filters and only shine downwards, so no longer into the atmosphere. The lights go out at night. Bring a flashlight with you.
When was the last time you saw the Milky Way with the naked eye and found constellations?

Under the motto "LIGHT FROM THE SKY ON", the Eifel starry landscape and we as star hosts are your choice as a temporary base for your camping holiday under the starry sky. Come and experience it for yourself..... More information under Sternenlandschaft Eifel



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