Camping rules

1. You have to apply for a site at the reception. Show the legal identity papers of all participants. You have to keep the application form and show it on demand.
The fee has to be paid in advance for the intended duration of your visit.
2. Visitors (regardless of whether they are day visitors or overnight visitors) of the tenants must report to the reception when entering the campsite. The tenant is obliged to point this out to his visitors; a fee per person is payable.
3. We ask you to act upon our instructions. We will assign a site to you. Arbitrary exchange is not allowed. Tents have to be pitched right after your arrival. It is not allowed to erect windbreaks in the areas which have to be kept clean in order to prevent fire.
4. Companionable and considerate behaviour as well as the observation of order and tidiness are the duty of all users of the campsite. Long-term camper are bound to keep their sites in a proper state and to mow the lawn in summer time. We reserve our right to inherit the mowing on an allowance.
5. No wind protection systems / tents or the like may be set up in the parts of the parking spaces that are to be kept free of structural systems for fire safety reasons. The storage of flammable materials such as gas, petrol, paint, etc. is also prohibited, as is the creation of open fireplaces on the site.
6. In the sanitation smoking is vorbidden.
7. It is vorbidden to fence in your site.
8. Open fire is forbidden.
9. Please keep the peace at night between 10pm and 7am, on weekends and before holidays from 11pm to 7am, respectively.
10. Noise pollution, in particular from the radio, jukeboxes or loud singing / screaming are to be avoided. The construction calendar must be observed.
11. On the lanes and sites, ball games are not allowed.
12. Driving on the lanes with cars, motorbikes, mopeds et cetera is only allowed for approaching or leaving.
13. The caravans, chalets and houses must be cleaned once a year. In addition, the parking spaces are always tidy.
14. We exclude our liability for accidents and injuries or stolen and damaged belongings by contract.
15. It is not allowed to bring dogs to our campsite.
16. It is not allowed to peddle or promote for something on the campsite.
17. You have to separate garbage regarding to the dual system. Yellow plastic bags can be achieved for free at the reception. You have to depollute orderly. Please adhere to the terms of the statute for scrap removal of the township Simmerath.
18. Users of the campsite have to dispose of sewages at the designated sites. It is not allowed to pour sewages in ground water or waterbodies.
19. Gas bottles have to be stored orderly and according to the statutory provisions.
20. You are committed to account for the truth of gas and electric installations in terms of the controlling institution at your own expense. If this will not happen, we will have the right to terminate our agreement without further notice.
21. It is not allowed to coat with not-ecofriendly timber preservatives (e.g. Carbolineum).





Dogs are ONLY allowed on Camp-Hammer WUFF and only on a max. 1.20m leash. Left behind dogs (shit) must be picked up and disposed of immediately.
Fire and gas detectors must be switched off before returning home. Alternatively, the fire brigade is called when these detectors go off. The associated costs are borne by the parking space renter.

We want to preserve the natural night sky and minimize light pollution. From 10 p.m. all campers will switch off the unnatural lights generated by energy that are not NECESSARY (fairy lights, glowing decorations, unnecessary lamps ...)

A maximum of two plastic boxes may be placed on each permanent camper space 


 A basic electricity meter fee is charged.

Cat owners take 15 minutes before each home and walk around ihe campsite to clean up cat droppings.

We ask you to adhere to the aforementioned rules. In the event of violations, the landlord is entitled and obliged, in the interest of the other co-users and in her own interest, to make use of her house rights, up to and including eviction.

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