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Nocturnal light pollution and what each individual can do against the lighting madness

Nocturnal light pollution and what each individual can do against the lighting madness Nocturnal light pollution and what each individual can do against the lighting madness After sunset we turn on the lights. Masses of light radiate completely uselessly towards the sky. This lighting madness not only requires enormous amounts of energy and makes the starry sky disappear, it also has far more serious consequences. Among other things, over 100 billion insects in Germany die every year from our street lamps, because they are attracted by the light and constantly circle around it and thus suffer from exhaustion or even burn. Furthermore, millions of migratory birds bounce off house facades and die due to disorientation / wrong signal from light. We humans also have a natural instinct, our daily light / dark rhythm. However, if it does not get really dark at night due to the exposure to light, this can lead, among other things, to permanent lack of sleep, states of exhaustion and even illness. Nocturnal creatures are also disturbed in their activities by the light. They become distracted and irritated - behavior changes and, for many, a fatal trap. Our insects are very important to our nature. They are not only the largest + most important source of food in the animal sector, but also the most important pollinators. The consequence of this pollination deficit means less food supply for all animal species and, for us humans, an extensive crop failure. For our plants, too, artificial light means a shift in the seasonal rhythm of vegetation. Trees bloom earlier due to the artificial light and shed their leaves later in autumn. Frost damage is the result. What can you do to help us reduce our light pollution? -> It's easy! Intensity: Lowest possible lumen values ​​(lm) Direction: Only shine downwards. Avoid scattered light to the side and especially upwards Color: the more yellow, the better! If possible, do not exceed color temperatures of 2700 Kelvin Mounting height: the lower the better! This results in less glare + scatter losses are reduced Duration: Only shine as long as you really need light. Avoid lights after 10 p.m. Necessity: Use light only for necessary things. Not for decoration. This is especially true in gardens, ponds, plants, etc. All of this keeps insects away from the house, protects day and nocturnal creatures, lets the starry sky shine again and also saves a lot of energy! ♥ ☺ PS: We are sponsors and pioneers of the voluntary initiative to contain light pollution and we are especially PROUD of it! ♥ ☺

Kolganov Kugel

You booked that automatically! The entire area is suppressed by a large Kolganov sphere and heals …… .. because it is there What does that mean ? 96% of the time, however, the transmission takes place via scalar waves or electrical fields, which seek a counter pool and then find this in the attack on plants, humans and animals. These can be shielded with the Kalgonov sphere. 4% of e-smog is transmitted via electromagnetic waves, especially on smartphones. The combination of the orgone module coupled with an open resonant circuit enables the build-up of a strong negentropic field, i.e. a field that builds up the body, by generating clockwise torsional waves. Left-turning fields, for example generated by electrosmog, destroy our DNA and connective tissue structures and change our cell water information towards the sick or entropic. The Kolganov spheres generate right-handed torsion fields from pathologically left-handed ones. Only clockwise torsion fields, so-called phonons, can generate healthy matter. Coupling of the (accelerating, driving) diamagnetic forces of crystalline structures (note: the entire body including its micro structure consists of crystalline structures) with the Teslate technology of open oscillating circles to neutralize areas between 250 and 700 m2 from electrosmog and rays from earth faults (curry and Hartmann grid or carcinogenic left-turning water veins). Since the Kolganov spheres also contain consciousness-changing and awareness-promoting measures through the crystalline “Reich-Technique” implemented here, in addition to the correction of our DNA, there is also astonishing improvement in disease and measurable energy build-up via mitochondrial structures. The effective range is up to 250 meters for the simple balls, and approx. 500 to 700 meters for the double balls. Due to their overall negentropical and thus healing effect, Kolganov spheres are associated with astonishing business successes beyond electromagnetic protection, with health improvements, the improvement of food in hotels, with more abundant and healthier fish and animal breeding. In Russia, these are also used successfully in hospitals and virtually all public facilities as well as in cars, trucks and apartments. A typical sign of a healing effect is the occurrence of negentropy (3rd law of thermodynamics, antechamber 2016). This manifests itself after the restoration of the original order of a system, measurable through a decrease in temperature, as the Kolganov star can clearly produce (extract from the INAKARB page). A second aspect besides the natural night that heals ... only because you are here

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